Round vs. Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings: Which one should you choose?

At last, you have found the one you want to love, hold, cherish and share your life with.

Now it’s time to ask them a very special and important question, but, before you do, it’s wise to know a thing or two about engagement rings.

After all, once your lover says yes, it will be gazed upon and shown off with pride before the big day, and then cherished for a lifetime.

Today at Claremont Diamonds, we’ll be looking at which diamond cut you should choose, with particular reference to the classic round cut or its contemporary counterpart, the princess cut.
Interested to find out difference between round and princess cut diamonds and understand which one is best for your sweetheart?

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Defining Diamond Cuts and Their Importance

When asking that very important question, it’s smart to have an engagement ring that is a cut above the rest, to make the occasion a little bit sweeter. There are many popular and trendy diamond shapes and diamond cuts nowadays for engagement rings.

So, let’s define what a diamond cut really entails.

The cut of the diamond (otherwise known as style), is a design guide utilized when designing and crafting a diamond. Contrary to popular belief, the cut doesn’t refer to shape.

What it does refer to is the symmetry, ratio, and polish of a diamond.

Why is the Cut of a Diamond So Important?

The quality of cut and craftsmanship of a diamond greatly affects the diamond’s brilliance. As such, a poorly cut diamond will be less luminous (i.e., lack the shine factor).

Equipped with efficient diamond education, an engagement ring browser and buyer will be able to identify the cut of a diamond based upon the GIA cut scale:

  • Excellent
  • Very Good
  • Good
  • Fair
  • Poor

You can learn all about diamond education when you book an appointment to discuss and develop a personalized and exceptionally exquisite engagement ring with Claremont Diamonds.

Round Cut Diamonds vs Princess Cut Diamonds

Now it’s time to compare round cut diamonds and princess cut diamonds. Each has their benefits and potential drawbacks, but most can agree they both shine bright in their own right.

Let’s shine a light on princess and round diamond cuts below.

Round Cut Diamonds

round cut diamond ring on the hand

Round cut diamonds are a traditional and beautiful loose diamond and engagement ring choice.
Celebrities from Mila Kunis to Brittany Snow, Alison Brie to Julia Stiles all proudly wear these engagement rings, and without a doubt, provide style inspiration to their fans.

Now let’s get down to the finer details for round cut loose diamonds and engagement rings:

  • A round cut diamond is often between 1.00 and 1.03 ratio.
  • There’s careful mathematical precision involved in round cut diamonds to maximise light and brilliance through its 58 facets.
  • The brilliance of a round cut diamond makes it arguably the most popular shape, easily identifiable, complementing day, night, every occasion, and every age and style of the wearer.

It will ultimately come down to personal preference and style in choosing between round diamond or princess cut engagement ring settings.
For example, a round-cut diamond can and does fit beautifully in a classic eternity solitaire or a trilogy flanked by matching pear diamonds in white gold or yellow gold.

Princess Cut Diamonds

princess cut diamond ring on the hand

Princess cut diamonds are a sparkle-centric and uniquely shaped loose diamond and engagement ring choice.

While typically square in shape, rectangular versions of the princess cut diamond exist, too.

This unique diamond cut is made possible through the inverted pyramid of a rough diamond stone.

Now let’s get down to the finer details for princess cut loose diamonds and engagement rings:

  • Princess cuts contain two to four chevron patterns.
  • They cost less per carat than round cuts, due to their usage of the rough stone.
  • This diamond cut usually has between 50 to 58 facets depending on how it’s cut.

Modern lovers tend to favor this fancy princess cut diamond design to symbolize their 21st-century adoration towards each other.

Think the princess cut engagement ring ticks all boxes for your engagement ring needs?

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Round cut or princess cut diamond: Which one is better?

Brilliance & Sparkle
Round cut diamonds can often handle light better, which ultimately results in a greater sparkle.
Heart set on a princess cut? A brilliant princess diamond cut will ensure a maximized sparkle, most comparable to a round diamond cut.

The exact same carat size will look larger in a princess cut than a round diamond cut due to the larger table and smaller pavilion of a princess cut diamond.

Minor flaws are easily hidden or camouflaged in a round diamond cut due to its multi-faceted look and brilliance. Princess cuts often have more flaws and imperfections, but if expertly crafted, it’s nothing a prong setting won’t be able to hide.

Princess diamond cut engagement rings are more vulnerable and arguably less durable due to their four, sharp corners. Round diamond cut engagement rings have no angles and therefore no ability to catch on items, making them the more durable option.

Style & Setting
A four-prong classic setting is probably the most popular choice for the round diamond cut engagement ring.
The classic prong is great for princess diamond-cut engagement rings. So too, are halo and solitaires.

Price & Value

Is princess cut diamond more expensive than round cut?
This is a common question that many people have when considering round cut vs princess cut diamonds for an engagement ring. When we compare round and princess cut diamonds carat-wise round cuts hold the most value. Therefore, round diamond cuts are more expensive than princess cuts

Why We Love Round Diamonds?

At Claremont Diamonds, we design, craft, and love round cut diamonds for a variety of reasons.

Here are those reasons:

  • We love round cut diamonds!
  • The 58 cleverly placed facets. Need we say more? This alone makes the round cut the most brilliant diamond cut available, with a magnificent, unmatchable sparkle.
  • Loose round cut diamonds are exceptionally versatile and effortlessly suit just about any engagement ring setting.
  • A round shape diamond cut looks beautiful with most finger shapes and sizes.

This choice for your Perth engagement ring is a good pick for the lovers of classic style rings who desire an unmatched shine to their engagement ring.

Why We Love Princess Diamonds?

At Claremont Diamonds, we also design craft and love princess cuts for a variety of reasons.
Here are those reasons:

  • We love princess cut diamonds!
  • The princess diamond cut is predominantly less expensive than other diamond cut shapes due to its impeccable usage of the rough diamond (over 90%!).
  • This diamond cut is quite forgiving in hiding tints and inclusions.
  • It’s one of the most brilliant of the fancy shaped diamond cut rings, with an intense faceting structure (intense, in a good way, of course).
  • Minimalist engagement ring designs and elaborate engagement ring designs are both very possible and stylish with a princess cut diamond.

Princess cut diamond choice for your Perth engagement ring is potentially better for your budget, without compromising on quality, for the modern lovers.

Why Trust Claremont Diamonds to Design Your Engagement Ring?

Choosing the right engagement ring can be a daunting task…especially if you want to keep it a secret!

Designing and purchasing an engagement ring should be an exciting adventure though, not a head-scratching, overwhelming one.

And that’s the Claremont Diamonds difference.

We want to work with you to understand your design aspirations, to create a Perth engagement ring that excels and shines above all.

You know your lover is a cut above the rest. And we know our diamonds are, too.

So, which diamond cut should you choose to express your love with confidence? Would you prefer round cut diamond or princess cut diamond? Ultimately, the decision is yours! The choice is yours!
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