About Claremont Diamonds

We exist to help you express your unique love story with custom engagement rings and jewellery that perfectly suits the person you love – crafted locally in Perth.

We believe the right ring means a few things – one that your love will be over the moon, one that she will love showing to her friends and family, one that you will present to her with confidence.

Claremont Diamonds is not your typical jewellery store: we have nothing to sell, only things to make.  You work one-on-one with your jewellery designer to craft the perfect ring for your unique love story, lifestyle, and values. Come in knowing nothing about diamond rings, and leave feeling educated, empowered, and proud of what you’ve created: a one-of-a-kind engagement ring you designed just for your love. The story of your engagement is one you’ll tell for the rest of your life, make it a good one.

Your love is one-of-a-kind. Your engagement ring should be too.

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Monday – Friday: 9am–6pm
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When you purchase a diamond ring or jewellery from us, you have the assurance of the highest standards at the best possible value.

GIA Certified

All Claremont Diamonds’ loose diamonds have been analyzed and graded for quality by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), one of the most respected and accurate labs in the diamond industry.

Ethically Sourced

We only purchase diamonds through the most respected suppliers who, like us, proudly adhere to and enforce the standards established by the Kimberley Process.

Locally Designed & Crafted

Your ring is designed & crafted by one of our incredible Australian jewellery makers. Our master artisans cut a new level of perfection into each and every ring they create.

Direct Access to Boutique Mining Operations

With a continued presence in the diamond mining industry, the diamonds that we source are not simply through ‘wholesale’ suppliers but are a natural result of the very best that the industry has to offer. Our source includes exclusive access to several boutique mining operations, which means that the Claremont Diamonds supply chain simply could not be more direct.

This agility not only translates into significant cost savings for our clients but, more importantly, access to front-line merchandise before it goes to the wholesale market.

“Our process to our promise, has been carefully designed to take away the uncertainty & pressure off you.”

At Claremont Diamonds, we know that you want to confidently express your love with a diamond ring that perfectly fits the unique style and personality of the one you love. The challenge is, buying a diamond ring is stressful, which makes you feel overwhelmed and intimidated. We believe the process of purchasing a diamond ring should be exciting, memorable, and tailored to you.

Through our hassle-free personal jewellery buying process, we have helped hundreds of Western Australians design the diamond ring that perfectly expressed the uniqueness and personality of their love-one at significant savings.

We would love to help you as well! Book an appointment to get started.

Paul Cronje

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Buying a one-of-a-kind engagement ring shouldn’t be stressful.

Dear valued client, by making an appointment we will be able to guide you and best develop something personal and unique. Use the form to book now or call us at +61 8 6245 0455 to discuss your ideas over a coffee.