For a Love that Stands the Test of Time: 5 Timeless Engagement Ring Designs

When it comes to Perth diamond rings, it’s not one size fits all. As with styles, it’s not one engagement ring style that will suit every lover out there.

You want an engagement ring that signifies your endless love – that you’re partners for life, through the good times and the bad. If you’re opting for the surprise proposal, how will you know what Perth engagement ring design she’ll love?

Read more from Claremont Diamonds for 5 timeless engagement ring designs that are effortlessly beautiful and will make her smile when you pop the ultimate question.

The Classic Solitaire Diamond Ring

solitaire diamond ring on hand
Solitaire Cut

A solitaire engagement ring reflects the endless and exquisite love between a romantic couple in a marriage proposal.

This diamond ring signifies a love that is as pure as it is the most timeless and is a diamond engagement ring design that will never go out of style.

They say diamonds are forever, so a Perth classic diamond solitaire is definitely for the couple committed to a lifetime together.

The features of a classic solitaire engagement ring typically include:

  • Four claws
  • A delicate band
  • Brilliant cut diamond
  • And two parts: the diamond and the setting.

Modest appearance or a heavy carat weight? A yellow gold or white gold setting?

Whatever your preference, a timeless engagement ring style, like a Perth solitaire diamond ring is waiting for you at Claremont Diamonds.

The Elegant Emerald Cut Ring

emerald cut engagement ring
Emerald Cut

The elegant emerald cut engagement ring is as understated as it is the traditional classic engagement ring for a proposal.

As one of the oldest diamond ring choices, the emerald cut engagement ring dates back to the 16th century. Yet, why is it called an emerald cut?

Stonecutters initially and traditionally used this cut for emeralds exclusively.

However, diamond cutters took interest in this shape and started applying it to diamonds, too.

The 1920s saw a surge in popularity with the love of clean lines, symmetry and art deco design. One hundred years on and the emerald cut has firmly placed itself among the most unique engagement ring design favourites, proving its timelessness amongst its popularity.

The features of an emerald cut diamond ring include:

  • An elongated shape
  • Step-cut gemstone faceting (flat surface)
  • A discerning and timeless engagement ring design with a twist.

See the smoothness and timelessness of an emerald cut engagement ring design yourself, exclusively designed for lovers at Claremont Diamonds.

The Cushion Cut Halo Ring

cushion cut diamond engagement ring
Cushion Cut

A feminine, trendy but timeless engagement ring design is the cushion cut halo. A soft look with a lot of sparkle – this is a definite contender for a romantic and astonishing ring design.

The features of a cushion cut diamond engagement ring:

  • A square diamond with rounded corners
  • Generally, 64 facets
  • Available in new and modified versions
  • A popular diamond cut choice since the 19th century.

A cushion cut halo engagement ring from Claremont Diamonds is an enviable classic, set in 18 karat white gold with 18 halo diamonds!

For an engagement ring that exudes both modern appeal and timeless elegance, a cushion cut halo engagement ring ticks both boxes.

The Diamond Split Shank Ring

diamond split shank engagement ring
Split Shank Cut

It’s said that less is more, but that doesn’t always have to be the case with timeless diamond engagement rings.

For the extravagant soon-to-be fiancé, a diamond set shank engagement ring design may be the best contender.

The features of a diamond set shank include:

  • A large centre diamond
  • Dazzling micro pave diamonds on the ring band
  • Customisable in complete or split shanks (the band which encircles the finger)

A diamond split shank engagement ring cut design is popular, dazzling and durable and its timelessness will serve her in the years to come, as you journey through life and love as a married couple.

Why not combine a diamond split shank with another timeless diamond feature like and emerald or oval cut? There’s so many bespoke engagement rings in Perth available, make sure you go to a Perth jeweller who will listen and work with you to craft sheer magnificence.

The Opulent Oval Ring

opulent oval diamond ring
Opulent Oval Cut

The opulent oval is a smooth and silky engagement ring design.

While round cuts are considered the most traditional and timeless engagement ring design, an oval cut pays homage to this, but strays a little more toward alternative appeal.

The features of an oval ring design include:

  • A timeless and vintage twist
  • Distinctive and exquisitely round and alternative engagement ring design
  • Makes fingers appear longer
  • Looks magnificent with side stones or a halo.

Represent the endless love with the timeless beauty of an Oval Eternity Solitaire classic ring.

Your love and commitment is forever, so propose with a Perth engagement ring that signifies your dedication and the journey you’re both about to undertake.

Still haven’t found what you’re looking for?

Claremont Diamonds are here for all your loose diamonds and timeless engagement ring desires.

  • Do you have the ring in mind? As your Perth jeweller, we can help you craft it!
  • Not entirely sure what she desires? We can help you design a timeless ring she’ll cherish.

At Claremont Diamonds, you’re not a sale, but a client – and as a client of ours, we take great pride in ensuring a timeless engagement ring made in Perth she’ll love, cherish and adore for years to come.

This is what a Claremont Diamonds engagement ring will promise:

  • GIA certified diamonds
  • Ethically sourced materials
  • Locally designed and crafted
  • Highly personalised and dedicated service

Be confident in your engagement ring design and confident in your proposal.

Claremont Diamonds are here to make your big question and all the work that goes into choosing a timeless engagement ring as stress-free and enjoyable as possible.

The future is unknown, but love can be eternal.

Tomorrow is not promised, so it’s important to make it count today.

When you have found the one you want to have and to hold and to sail through life side-by-side, it’s crucial to let her know.

Make the proposal a little memorable with a lovingly and locally crafted Perth engagement ring that’s as timeless as the love you have for each other.

Looking for a timeless Perth engagement ring design to signify your forever love?

Contact Claremont Diamonds today to find the perfect engagement ring made in Perth that’s forever in style, forever timeless and forever yours.