5 Alternative Ways to Buy an Engagement Ring in Perth

Buying a Perth engagement ring is no simple feat. You just have to ask any man who has proposed or is currently on the engagement ring buying journey and he’ll tell you this.

Yet, did you know there’s more than one way to buy an engagement ring in Perth – and no, we’re not talking cash, credit card or Afterpay.

From going alone or embarking on the selection together, chosen after dedicated research or going with only your heart’s desire – the one engagement ring is out there for ‘the one’ for you.

In today’s climate, Perth engagement rings can even be chosen with love and special consideration from the comfort of your own home.

Want to find out some of the ways buying an engagement rings are changing? Read more from Claremont Diamonds for 5 ways to buy an engagement ring in Perth.

1. Make the Perth engagement ring purchase together

Many couples are choosing to buy an engagement ring together. You’re both ideally in it for the long haul, so why not decide upon a timeless and custom-made engagement ring together?

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It works for some couples, but not for others.

Here’s why couples are buying a Perth engagement ring together:

  • The question was asked without the ring, or
  • Perhaps your lover is very specific in what they want.

Get the feeling your lover is a sucker for surprises?

Then maybe don’t take the surprise of the big question away from them.

After all, no one knows your partner the way you do, so only you can know if they would like to be with you each step of the way when buying an engagement ring in Perth.

All in all, shopping for an engagement ring together is definitely a different way to buy engagement rings and wedding rings in Perth.

2. Armed with the diamond engagement ring research

Another way to buy an engagement ring is to come to the table (well, a Perth diamond jeweller) armed with research, including:

  • What she wants
  • Your budget
  • Her ring size, and
  • So much more!

When it comes to diamond research, it’s important to know the 4C’s before you buy:

  • Colour: The D-Z diamond colour grades rate a lack of colour in the diamond. For instance, a diamond with less colour is rarer.
  • Cut: Round Brilliant to Emerald Cut, Cushion Cut to Princess Cut – knowing the preferred diamond cut for your partner will make the process so much easier.
  • Clarity: This is the absence of inclusions and blemishes to the precious diamond(s).
  • Carat weight: The diamond carat weight will ultimately determine the diamond’s size.

What’s also important is the setting, the metals for the band be it white gold, rose gold, platinum, yellow gold, side stones additions and more.

When armed with diamond research, choosing an engagement ring with a Perth diamond jeweller is that little bit easier, and you feel at ease with your bespoke diamond ring purchase.

3. Let your heart decide on a Perth engagement ring

Let your heart decide on a Perth engagement ring in Claremont Diamonds

It’s true that many sole lovers who walk into a Perth jewellery store starry-eyed have done their diamond engagement ring research.

They have an idea, they know the diamond keywords and how a carat differs from a carrot.

But what about those who have done zero to no research on diamond rings? They matter too!

Similar to ‘the one’ and love at first sight – when you see the engagement ring in its beautiful diamond ring entirety, sometimes you just…know!

Letting your heart decide on an engagement ring may seem reckless, but it may also work for you and she may just love it! This is a bold and different way to buy an engagement ring in Perth – but it’s an option, nonetheless.

4. Make the engagement ring selection with a diamond expert

In most Perth jewellery stores, engagement rings are about sales, sales and sales. This is where boutique Perth jewellers are different.

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At Claremont Diamonds, you’re not a number, but a client, and our dedicated appointment with you ensure we get to know you before you make a life changing purchase.

When you embark on the exciting journey to choosing the best engagement ring – it can be confusing and overwhelming.

This is why you should book an appointment with a diamond specialist, where:

  • You get personalised, one on one service
  • The desires of you and your partner are discovered and discussed
  • The consultation setting is relaxed and low-pressure, and
  • You have a greater chance of finding the engagement ring for ‘the one.’

See how a boutique Perth jewellery store is different for yourself.

A diamond expert from Claremont Diamonds in Perth helping you decide on the perfect bespoke engagement ring is one way to buy an engagement ring in Perth.

5. Discuss, decide and purchase your Perth engagement ring through one-on-one appointments

In the current climate, as we are encouraged to minimize large gatherings, we believe one-on-one appointments are a safe way for you to explore engagement rings.

At Claremont Diamonds, we’re here for you – whether that be a Zoom appointment, a dedicated phone consultation or a browse through our website.

Stay home, stay safe, and let Claremont Diamonds help you decide on your Perth engagement ring. We’re all in this together, and love will see us through these tough times.

Ready to buy an engagement ring for the one you love? Contact Claremont Diamonds today to discover and select the best engagement ring in Perth