How To Measure Ring Size For A Surprise Proposal In 7 Creative Ways

Life is filled to the brim with major milestones and treasured moments that lead to cherished memory-making. One cherished memory that many of us have, or will experience in the future, is a proposal of marriage.

There’s just something so magical, meaningful and momentous about asking your special someone to spend the rest of their life with you – or being the one asked the question.

Surprise proposals have been an occasion for many, many years. They involve an element of planning and a sprinkle of secret-keeping. The results are awe-inspiring, though.

One thing that can stand in the way of surprise proposals though, is not knowing the ring size of your partner. Should this stop you from making the proposal a surprise? Absolutely not!

Read more from Paul at Claremont Diamonds on how to measure ring size in 7 creative ways without spoiling a surprise proposal.

Be subtle

It’s a surprise after all. Subtlety can be achieved in many ways. Firstly, simply don’t tell your beloved that you’re going to a jewellery store and consulting with a diamond expert.

A great time to go is a lunch break at work, or when you or your partner is busy with pre-existing plans. If they’re suspicious, you can always say you’re buying jewellery for an upcoming birthday or special occasion for your mum, sister or grandma.

If your sweetheart accompanies you to the jewellery store, pay close attention to any engagement ring designs they adore. You can explore more about the latest engagement ring trends your partner will definitely love.

Ask friends for help

If you have been dating your partner for some time, there’s a high chance an engagement or at the very least, favourite engagement rings have been mentioned before.

If not so frequently with yourself, then definitely with friends or family.

And you can use this to your advantage. Surprises are a big secret to keep under wraps, so entrusting your plans for a surprise proposal to a trusted loved one can make it that little bit easier.

How to do this:

  • Ask your partner’s best friend or closest family member if they know their ring size already. There’s a good chance, they already do.
  • Or ask their trustworthy best friend or family member for help in finding out.

Pro tip: your partner will likely be less suspicious if this question is brought up in casual conversation with their friends and family than by you, the person they hope will pop the question soon!

A little help goes a long way. So, when you know their ring size, you should seek more help from a diamond expert at Claremont Diamonds.

marriage-proposal-with beautiful-ring

Borrow one of their existing rings

Does your other half already have a fine selection of rings at home? If so, you’re in luck.

Simply borrow one of their existing rings to either trace or bring to a jeweller.

Remember to pick a ring that won’t be noticed if it goes on a temporary hiatus and to select a ring that is closest in size to your partner’s left ring finger.

Leave a trace

No, not in the form of a hint. Remember, this is a surprise, so subtlety is key. If you’re too worried about borrowing a ring from your partner’s existing ring collection, you can always trace it onto a piece of paper and quickly put the ring back amongst the others.

For an accurate sketch, remember to draw a circle on the inside and outside of the ring when tracing it onto your paper.

Compare fingers

When you hold your partner’s hand, pay attention to their fingers.

Is their left ring finger a similar size to your own? If not, can you make an educated guess on the size difference between yours and theirs?

Naturally, there are easier and more reliable ways to measure ring size, but this is a wholesome way, nonetheless.

Size up their finger while they sleep

When your partner falls asleep at night or even partakes in an impromptu nap on the couch, it’s time to get sneaky. Ever so quietly, grab some string and gently wrap it around their left finger until you get the perfect, round circle.

Make a loop and hold the string in place with your thumb and pointer finger and gently slide the loop off their finger. Finally, tie off the end of the loop and cut any remaining string away.

The result? A subtle, permanent indictor of your partner’s ring size. Bonus! If they ever see it, they’re likely to not think too much of it.

beautiful marriage proposal in nature

Don’t worry – rings can be resized easily

If you have tried a combination of the above without success, or even attempted any, don’t despair.

Why? Because rings can be easily resized by a professional jeweller.

Planning a proposal, yes – even the ultimate surprise one, never has to be stressful.

Proposing to the one you love is a beautiful experience and can become a cherished memory to last a lifetime.

While it’s definitely important to get an idea of your loved one’s engagement ring style, when it comes to how to measure ring size, you don’t have to get it perfect.

Amongst other bespoke services like style discussion, diamond selection and 3D image creation, Claremont Diamonds also provide professional ring resizing.

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