Matching Your Engagement Ring with the Perfect Wedding Band Style

When that special someone pops the all-important question and you happily agree to spend the rest of your lives together, you’ll more than likely be presented with a beautiful, sparkling ring.

This is the engagement ring–a stunning symbol of love, a promise to serve and adore, and a sweet gesture of good faith between you to come.

On your wedding day, you’ll again be presented with a ring, and present one of your own to your beloved to signify a legal, loving bond of devotion to one another. These, of course, are wedding rings.

Today on the blog, Paul will discuss the different styles and types of engagement rings and wedding bands, combinations based on diamond shape, and finally how to miraculously match the two together for ultimate style.

Intrigued to find out which styles of wedding bands and engagement rings match the most? Read more from Claremont Diamonds to explore style inspiration.

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Styles and types of wedding bands

Wedding bands seal the deal for a lifetime of love.

These beautiful bands come in a selection of styles, colours, stones, and metals to fully encapsulate the style of the wearer. Let’s take a look at a selection of wedding band styles and how they work with engagement rings.

Classic Wedding Bands

• For a love that’s destined to last the ages, classic wedding bands are the timeless style choice for many bridal looks. Gold is the go-to here, which in itself symbolises eternal love and a lifetime of promises.

Sitting flush on the finger with the engagement ring, classic wedding bands are most commonly a solid precious metal band or a classic diamond eternity ring.

Contoured Wedding Bands

hand with contoured wedding ring

• If you want to highlight your unique style, a contoured wedding band might just be what you’ve been waiting for. When classic simplicity just won’t do for you or your sweetheart, the contoured wedding band is the customisable alternative.

These wedding band styles pair beautifully with engagement rings that boast diamonds with fancy shapes and create the illusion of ‘locking’ seamlessly in place alongside your engagement ring.

Notched Wedding Bands

• Prefer uniform, straight-line styles? The notched wedding band is the choice for you.
Unlike classic wedding bands, notched ones feature a notch that allows the two rings to fit together.

This style of wedding band is the aesthetic answer for engagement rings that feature a trilogy or large centre stone.

Combining this style with a stylishly suitable engagement ring has great symbolism – as both rings fit together to make the puzzle complete, similarly to your partner being your own missing puzzle piece.

Wedding Bands with Unique Diamond Accents

• Seeking a bold, chic, and distinctive charm for your bridal look? You can’t go past wedding bands that feature unique diamond accents.

A great way to achieve this look is to combine a classically styled engagement ring with a fabulously ornate diamond-accented wedding ring. This really unlocks the potential for extra, sparkle and personality in your two rings.

Wedding Ring Metals

Here’s a hot style tip for you.

Many people prefer to keep both their engagement ring and wedding band set in the same metal and colour. But you can always buck the trend and do so with style.

How? By embracing your love of both gold and platinum jewellery for your engagement and wedding ring combination. There’s nothing set in stone (if you pardon the pun) when it comes to the matching or unmatching of metals for both engagement and wedding rings.

Let’s say you have your heart set on a shiny solitaire set in white gold for your engagement ring design. On the other hand, you and your sweetheart prefer the classic simplicity of yellow-gold wedding bands. Do you have to compromise? Not in the slightest. Both will look beautiful when designed with care.

Book an appointment today to discuss your style must-haves and explore your design options.

Engagement and Wedding Ring Combinations Based on Diamond Shape

How can you possibly ensure both the engagement and wedding ring styles enhance and not clash with one another?

This helpful guide details style tips based on your existing (or desired) shape of the diamond centre stone as featured in your engagement ring.

Show me the diamonds:

Round cut stones

• Round diamonds are a crowd favourite for a reason. They’re superbly spectacular when it comes to sparkle and incredibly versatile as an engagement ring’s centre stone.

Whether you’re planning a classic engagement ring or wedding band set style or one with fancy diamond shapes, a round centre stone complements a variety of combinations and styles.

For style inspiration: take a look at the Claremont engagement ring variety like White Gold Solitaire, Yellow Gold Solitaire, or Classic Eternity Solitaire.

Princess cut stones

• If you compare pricess cut vs round cut stones, you will find out that the unique sparkle and brilliance of a princess cut centre stone are brought to you by its faceting pattern. Again, classic design styles but also styles of wedding bands that feature round diamonds are the easy, fashionable combination choice for both bands.

For style inspiration: discover the Princess Eternity Solitaire.

Cushion cut stones

• Unlike its sister style, the princess cut stone that pairs well with contrasting shapes, a cushion cut stone pairs effortlessly with similar shapes. It’s this reason why Claremont Diamonds recommend an all-metal style or classic eternity band for the wedding band.

Our very own Cushion Cut Halo is a must-see on your engagement ring shopping trip.

Emerald cut stones

• An emerald cut is commonly referred to as a step cut, meaning the sparkle is subtler than the other diamond shape choices out there. But that doesn’t mean it can’t still pack a sophisticated style punch.

To enrich added brilliance, we highly suggest pairing your emerald-cut engagement ring with a wedding band styled with round or other fancy-shaped diamonds, such as an oval or marquise cut. Moreover, choosing an oval engagement ring and wedding band set can seamlessly integrate this elegant symmetry, providing a continuous flow of sparkle that complements the unique characteristics of the emerald cut. This combination does more than just make each piece look prettier, it brings them together in a way that’s both elegant and eye-catching, giving you a set that truly stands out.

Remember, the engagement ring is the eye-catching centre of attention in the lead-up to your big day. But the jewellery does not end at the engagement ring. Just like your engagement ring and your wedding band set will be something that you wear with pride for the rest of your life!

While popping the question with a beautiful engagement ring is most often a surprise, wedding band shopping often isn’t.

Partake on this journey together and get inspired on the best styles of wedding bands to suit your engagement ring.

The choice of the ring(s) is forever yours

Matching your engagement ring with the perfect wedding band doesn’t have to be challenging. We hope this guide has empowered you as a basic how-to guide on what styles effortlessly match each other.

If you’re ever in doubt, Claremont Diamonds has the style advice and solutions you need to purchase your diamond jewellery with confidence.

The choice of the ring(s) is forever yours to make – and make with confidence.

Claremont Diamonds are here to merely guide and provide the most exquisite stones and styles to showcase your love.

Meet your most-suited match at Claremont Diamonds

Feeling overwhelmed with your engagement ring and wedding band research online? A face-to-face chat with a professional jeweller can clear up your questions, empower you with education and guide you on your quest for the perfect ring.

You’ve already found the person with who you wish to spend the rest of your life together in wedded bliss. Now, you need to find the perfect engagement ring to symbolise your love, commitment, and devotion.

The most stunning, ethically-sourced, and GIA-certified diamonds custom engagement rings and wedding bands and handcrafted jewellery designs are available right here at our Claremont Diamonds showroom.

We can’t wait to welcome you into our doors and help you choose the best-matched designs.

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