The Latest Engagement Ring Trends You Need to Know

We say ‘I love you’ in so many ways – from the heartfelt embraces to the acts of service and tokens of appreciation. One big way to share your love is to ask a very important question to your sweetheart, often with a breathtaking piece of jewellery to sweeten the deal. Yes – we’re talking about the beloved engagement ring.

We have the classic engagement ring styles of yesteryear, the designs posed to create a comeback and of course, all the styles you desire right now.

Read on to explore the latest engagement ring trends you most definitely need to know.

Band style rings

One popular contender in the latest engagement ring trends is that of band-style rings, chosen by many brides.

Those of us in the engagement ring industry are putting this down to the pandemic of changing wedding landscapes. With so many weddings being postponed in the last two years, brides and grooms alike are seeing a rise in rings that can serve both as an engagement ring and a wedding ring.

Did you know that in many European countries’ traditions, engagement rings aren’t given? Couples instead opt for eternity rings and wedding bands.

Classic styles with a modern twist

Where old meets new – who else is fond of classic engagement ring styles fit with a modern twist? For a love that was new, upon engagement and marriage, is anticipated to last a lifetime.

In 2021, classic styles with a modern twist became popular due to the sheer amount of ‘virtual’ ring shopping that came about. As such, playing it safe with the classic elegance of yesteryear presented itself tenfold.

Solitaires and 3-stone engagement ring styles were thrust back into the limelight. So, too did we see lovestruck couples gravitate towards round, oval and cushion cuts set within delicate platinum settings.

Fashion-forward brides are embracing traditional elements, but with the modern twist of exquisite detailing.

Old European cuts

When times were uncertain, the majority of us collectively grew fonder of the good times of old. 

From here, jewellers worldwide saw heirloom-inspired and old European cuts amongst selected engagement ring styles.

Why we love old European cuts:

  • They’re often big and bold
  • Incorporate many unique, faceting patterns
  • Are truly one of a kind and effortlessly timeless.

Whether based upon or even incorporating cherished family heirloom jewellery, or the desire to create new family collections – modern love stories and vintage details were encapsulated into engagement ring trends in Perth, Australia and worldwide.

Petite side stones

Twenty years ago, diamond market leader De Beers launched the 3-stone diamond ring, which to this very day is still considered a romantic, lavish gift to celebrate engagements and weddings.

However, in modern times, we’ve collectively scaled back the 3-stone diamond engagement ring. In 2021, petite side stones became the modern variation and delicate alternative to this prized favourite – cementing itself as its own feature in engagement ring styles.


emerald engagement ring style

There’s a gemstone that ebbs and flows in popularity throughout eras, and it made quite the mark for loved-up couples in the year that was. We’re talking about emerald rings. 

For the lovers of symbolism, the emerald gemstone has long been identified as a symbol of truth and love. Some even say the emerald was the very gemstone of the goddess Venus, a bringer of love and hope.

Both classic and timeless, an emerald gemstone as the feature stone on an engagement ring provides a pop of colour at oftentimes, an attractive price point.

Yellow Gold

While lying dormant in style favourites for some time, yellow gold is back, well and truly on the playing field of engagement ring trends.

Brides across the world, regardless of personal style and skin tone, love yellow gold to complement their everyday jewellery pieces and coveted personal collections.

Couples are coupling classic styles with a modern twist for their diamond engagement rings by choosing yellow goods to boost the diamond sparkle further.

Stackable engagement rings 

In current times and predicted to be so in 2022 is the rise in stackable engagement rings. Many couples are preferring thinner wedding bands so that an eternity band can be added later.

Plenty of fashion-forward folks seeks out rings and jewellery to represent meeting milestones and anticipation of future ones, such as an anniversary and/or birth of a child.

Alternative gemstones and metals

Diamonds are forever, but gemstones are making a marked rise amongst engagement ring trends.

Jewellers worldwide are designing and crafting colourful gemstones in both classic round and oval cuts, plus geometric shapes to fit lovers embracing more alternative aesthetics.

People want to wear what isn’t always found in the everyday diamond jewellery store, like:

  • Aquamarine
  • Ruby
  • Sapphires
  • Tanzanite
  • Tourmaline.

Vintage styles

vintage engagement ring trend

We touched on the antique reprisal for 2021 engagement ring trends above. Let’s delve further into the old-world elegance so many of us appreciate.

Detailed beauty is found in the vintage styles of stunning floral and Art Deco era-inspired designs. Why not give a respectful and admired nod to the past with the timeless elegance of vintage engagement ring styles yourself?

Minimalist engagement rings

One interesting contender in engagement ring trends was minimalist engagement rings.

This trend taught us that there is beauty in simplicity and not all love has to be displayed in complex designs. On the contrary, minimalist engagement rings are far from basic or boring when brought to life with expert detail. 

How engagement ring styles have changed over the past years

Want to take a step back in time? For a bit of fun, we’ve decided to explore how engagement rings have changed over the decades.


The 1920s revolutionised fashion, art and societal standards. Gone were the intricate Edwardian era engagement rings, as coloured gemstones like sapphires, emeralds and rubies became the main event and

Asscher cuts came into focus. 


As the frivolity and excess of the roaring 20s came to a close, couples had less money to splash around. As such, styles were simplified, and stones were smaller. Interestingly enough, platinum was the metal of choice – until World War Two began.


During World War Two and immediately after, loved-up couples wanted to do more, with less. So, intricate details such as leaves, flowers and hearts were added to settings in lieu of larger diamond centre stones. Yellow gold settings and bands were popularised, as were cushion cuts and solitaire centre stones in the latter part of this decade.


The diamond ring was well and truly the norm for proposals by 1950, with a common favourite consisting of a solitaire stone with diamond baguettes on either side. Jackie Kennedy’s engagement ring and subsequent wedding garnered plenty of interest, with the ring boasting both an emerald cut diamond, emerald stone and complemented by a leaf-shaped diamond set.


Chic simplicity was back on board for the 1960s, with every lover wanting to showcase their bright and shiny diamonds with a simple silhouette.

In 1966, Frank Sinatra proposed to Mia Farrow with a 9 carat solitaire pear-shaped diamond ring.

Yet, in 1968, Elizabeth Taylor’s 39.19 carat Asscher cut diamond brought to the world grand and over-the-top engagement rings, once again.


In this decade, both angular and geometric cut engagement rings were back such as the marquise-shaped ring and princess cut diamond really took off.

The mid 1970s saw couples embrace a personalised approach to their rings, which saw many couples choosing to design and match engagement rings with wedding bands.


Yellow gold was back for the early 1980s, but a trend that really stuck out was Princess Diana’s sapphire and diamond cluster ring – giving coloured stone engagement rings a welcomed revival.

Simple was not synonymous with 1980s engagement ring trends– finishing touches, side stones and baguettes were a-plenty during this era of excess.


Whenever there’s a big and bold decade of fashion and style, the following decade is often anything but. It’s no different with engagement rings as stylish simplicity was back in the 1990s – particularly the round solitaire in platinum or white gold.


The early noughties saw an array of engagement ring designs and styles. Halo rings with radiant or cushion cut centre stones were popular, surrounded by a ‘halo’ of diamonds for superior sparkle. Double-banded engagement rings made their way onto the scene when Beyonce proudly flaunted her emerald cut ring featuring double bands in 2008.


Just shy of 30 years later, Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton with his late mother’s engagement ring. The very same ring sparked the very same resurgence in coloured gemstone engagement rings for a hot minute.

In the mid 2010’s mixing metals was becoming prevalent as was the demand for ethically sourced and conflict-free stones. Antique engagement ring designs came back into the spotlight, so too did stackable rings.

What will the future hold for engagement ring trends?

Nobody knows what the future holds. What we do know is, that diamonds are forever and love between two people can well and truly last a lifetime.

We hope this article has delivered the inspiration you need for the perfect engagement ring for your loved one. After all, looking into the engagement ring design trends of the past, inevitably paves the way for the future. 

Your journey to the perfect engagement ring and wedded bliss starts here.

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