Couple Rings For Every Stage Of Your Relationship

When you think of love, your mind may drift to engagement rings and wedding rings, but there are more types of rings for relationships out there.

Want to know more about relationship rings for couples? Looking for gift ideas for your beloved? Let’s explore couple rings and their meanings then.


Rings for every stage of your relationship Guide

In this blog post “Rings For Every Stage Of Your Relationship”, we will explores the significance and meaning of various rings associated with different stages of a relationship. It covers promise rings, unique engagement rings, wedding bands, eternity rings, and anniversary rings, providing insights into their symbolism and importance. The article offers guidance for selecting the perfect ring for each relationship milestone, making it a valuable resource for anyone looking to understand the different types of relationship rings and their meanings.

The origins of relationship rings for couples

Lovers have been exchanging rings for thousands of years but what does a ring symbolize in a relationship? The origin of wedding rings comes from the ancient Egyptians who believed circles symbolized eternity as they contain no beginning and no end. So, the gifting of rings in relationships was born to reflect eternal love. The first rings were simplistic in nature, often made from braided reeds, leather and hemp. Fortunately, rings in modern times are more elegant, with designs set in silver, yellow, gold, white gold or platinum metal.

Ring gifting is a highly symbolic, beautiful gesture in relationships in old times and in new. But not all types of rings for relationships mean marriage is near…

The Different Types of Rings in a Relationship

The Different Types of Rings in a Relationship

Rings have long been powerful symbols of love, commitment, and the various stages of a romantic relationship. As couples progress through their life together, they may exchange different types of rings to mark significant milestones and express their deepening bond. Each ring carries its own unique meaning and significance, reflecting the couple’s commitment level and future intentions. From the early stages of dating to celebrating years of marriage, let’s explore the various types of rings that play important roles in modern relationships:

  • Promise Rings
  • Commitment Rings
  • Engagement Rings
  • Wedding Rings
  • Eternity Rings
  • Anniversary Rings

Promise rings

A promise ring can be given to your sweetheart at any point in your relationship. Commonly, they’re gifted before engagement and wedding, and when a relationship is blossoming into something beautiful.

The meaning behind their gifting is personal and could signify any promise that is made between two lovers.

a promise ring on a women's hand

The common symbolism behind promise rings:

  • You and your partner have reached a momentous milestone in your relationship, such as a one year anniversary of being together.
  • You wish to let your partner know of your devotion and commitment to them and this relationship, and that you’re serious about taking ‘the next step’ (marriage) in the future.
  • Or, perhaps you’re in a long-distance relationship. The gifting of a promise ring to your partner may ease their mind as a reminder of your fidelity to them.

The purpose of a promise ring is to symbolize a commitment or pledge between two individuals, often preceding more significant steps in the relationship. Promise rings are less expensive than other types of relationship rings due to their simplicity of design. They rarely feature stones, but if they do, the addition of theirs or your birthstone is a sentimental touch. When choosing which hand to wear a promise ring on, individuals often opt for the ring finger of their left hand, but personal preferences may vary.

Commitment rings

Are these not just another term for promise rings? Not exactly. Promise rings are common among adolescents and young adults, whereas commitment rings are considered the more mature version, gifted between older lovers.

Like promise rings, commitment rings symbolize dedication and devotion in a relationship. Again, this type of relationship ring can be given at any point in the relationship, be it the first or tenth anniversary, wedding vow renewals or something as simple as a weekend date night.

Woman's hands holding a commitment ring

Lastly, commitment rings are not engagement rings.

Proposing with an extraordinarily elegant engagement ring often marks the start of wedding planning, too. This brings us to the obvious next design in our types of rings for relationships showcase…wedding rings!

Engagement rings

A diamond engagement ring

Ahh…the engagement ring. The type of ring in a relationship so many of us desire. From the dreamy diamond design, to how the sweet proposal will unfold, an engagement ring is the well-known and highly coveted player in couple rings.

Presenting your partner with an engagement ring shows your intention to embark on a lifelong, loving journey together in marriage.

Often quite a lot of planning goes into choosing an engagement ring– but it doesn’t have to be a stressful process in the slightest.

Wedding rings

wedding rings' exchange process

Although engagement rings and wedding rings have distinct roles in matrimony, there are clear differences between them. Engagement rings are symbols of commitment and often feature eye-catching gemstones, while wedding rings represent the union of marriage with simpler, enduring designs.

Weddings are more than the wonderful white dress, the smiling I do’s, the signing of certificates and dancing the night away. The exchange of wedding rings is a highly meaningful and memorable scene of typical wedding ceremonies.

Why? Because it further embodies a couple’s adoration, commitment, devotion, and loyalty to one another – in sickness, health, the good times and bad. Often less ornate and less expensive than engagement rings, wedding bands are generally quite simplistic in design. This doesn’t mean they have to lack charm and beauty, however.

There are different types of wedding rings, ranging from classic gold or silver bands to more elaborate designs that may include diamonds or other gemstones. Each type of wedding ring can reflect the unique style and preferences of the couple, making the choice a deeply personal and significant aspect of the wedding planning process.

Eternity rings

One of the most meaningful relationship rings is the eternity ring. It is a sentimental gift to highlight life’s significant moments, such events could be the birth of your children, or celebrating 10 or 20 years together.

An eternity link in a white background

Eternity bands signify your dedication to staying committed, signifying that your love remains strong and forever true.

The two main styles of eternity rings:

  • Half – where only one side of the band has cut gemstones.
  • Full – where cut gemstones are present along the entire ring.

Which style of eternity ring do you prefer?

Anniversary rings

Emerald green anniversary ring

As the name suggests, these rings are gifted when couples celebrate an anniversary. Ring gifting is a beautiful, meaningful and super stylish way to commemorate many happy years together. Commonly, certain colours are associated with certain numbers of years.

See below:

  • The first anniversary – yellow or gold
  • The fifth anniversary – turquoise, pink or blue
  • The tenth anniversary – blue or silver
  • The fiftieth anniversary – ruby red
  • The twentieth anniversary – white or emerald green
  • The twenty-fifth anniversary – silver
  • The fiftieth anniversary – gold
  • The seventy-fifth anniversary – diamond white.

Do you have an important anniversary coming up? Show off your devotion and continued commitment to each other with a stunning anniversary ring.

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Additional Tips and Resources

As you explore the various types of rings in a relationship, it’s important to have access to reliable information. Here’s an excellent resource to further your understanding:

Explore Ring Meanings with the Gemological Institute of America (GIA)

For those interested in delving deeper into the significance of different rings and their traditional placement, we highly recommend visiting the Gemological Institute of America’s blog post on The Meaning of Ring Fingers.

The GIA is a highly respected authority in the gemology and jewelry industry. Their educational content offers valuable insights into various types of rings, their historical significance, and cultural meanings. This resource can help you understand not just what each ring symbolizes, but also the traditions behind wearing rings on specific fingers.

By exploring this GIA resource, you’ll gain a more comprehensive understanding of ring symbolism, which can be particularly helpful when choosing the perfect ring for each stage of your relationship.

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