At Claremont Diamonds we have a strong focus on simplicity and transparency. That is to say that we believe that creating your custom jewellery piece should be a simple and transparent process, offering you complete visibility on how your custom engagement ring or jewellery piece is designed and manufactured.

In order to best articulate this process, we have developed the five (5) D’s that you will journey on in creating your one of a kind custom piece.


The Process

Discuss Ideas

We start off with a chat and discuss ideas over a coffee. The idea might be yours, clippings from magazines or from something seen online. Don’t worry if you have no idea, we are happy to make suggestions. We have a wealth of experience to guide you and best develop something personal and unique.

Diamond Selection

We will then discuss diamond options that will best fit your idea (and budget), engaging the 4 C’s (cut, carat, colour, clarity) to ensure that your custom jewellery design is brought to life like no other.

Design Images

Once we are settled on a design, diamond and the metal of your choice (silver, yellow gold, white gold or platinum), we then create a 3D image for you to see on screen. This image will give you a better idea on shape, colour and dimensions of your design and will form the basis for the manufacturing process.

Develop and Manufacture

We then commence the manufacturing process, where our artisan jewellers use a combination of old and modern techniques to transform what was just an idea into a sublime reality.


Then comes the big moment…the reveal. This is when you see, touch and feel what our team and your influence has produced. The culmination of your hard-work and our commitment fused to make her dreams come true.