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What is a Princess Cut Diamond?

A Princess Cut diamond is a square diamond that displays impressive brilliance and fire.

Stepping boldly into the market in the 1960s, this diamond square cut is made possible through utilisation of the inverted pyramid of a rough diamond stone.

The brilliance of Princess shape diamonds make it a fantastic, modern and popular choice for engagement and wedding rings.

Pros & Cons


  • Offer almost as much brilliance as round cut diamonds
  • The thoughtful design allows maximised sparkle
  • Less expensive than other diamond cuts
  • Hides blemishes beautifully
  • Flash and fire are impeccable


  • The corners can catch and snag on other items
  • Limited types and styles of settings due to the Princess Cut corners
  • More vulnerable, in terms of durability, than Round Cuts and Cushion Cuts

The shape of the Princess Cut Diamond Ring

A Princess Cut diamond has four distinctive and sharp corners, mostly square in shape but can be elongated upon request. The standard Princess shape diamond has 58 facets, yet modern designs have 76, which only add to its brilliance.

The best Princess Cut Diamond settings to consider

You have your heart set on a Princess Cut, so now you must pick the best setting.
Below, we’ve compiled what we believe are the best Princess Cut diamond settings.


Solitaire settings are adored for their clean, minimalist and classic appeal. Princess Cut solitaire engagement rings are no exception.

In a solitaire setting, the diamond’s beauty is present from front and sides, easily enhancing light reflection.

Channel Set:

A channel set ring includes smaller diamonds or accent gemstones on a wedding or diamond engagement ring.

This setting is a popular choice for Princess Cut wedding rings.


Princess Cut halo rings are cherished for their ability to make the centre stone appear larger. A Princess Cut with halo also provides more security, as the halo acts as a buffer from impact.


Despite their modern charm, Princess Cut diamonds surprisingly work well encapsulated into ornate vintage styles and settings.

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How do you choose a Princess Cut Diamond?

There’s so much time, effort, and dedication that is poured into making beautiful Princess Cut diamond rings.


Remember it’s not an exact science to judge the cut quality. What’s most important is if you like and appreciate the stone’s look and performance.


Clarity grades display how noticeable imperfections are in a diamond. That’s right, even diamonds have imperfections. When looking at Princess Cut diamonds, an SI1 or VS2 (either slightly included or very slightly included) will provide an eye-clean clarity at a great price point.


A square princess shape diamond should ideally have a length to width ratio not exceeding 1:05:1. Why? Uneven sides and unequal proportions are less attractive in the Princess Cut.


As a firm favourite amongst the fancy diamonds shapes, Princess Cut diamonds show more colour when compared to a Round diamond.


Square on the top, complemented by four bevelled sides, leading to a point below its shiny surface; a Princess Cut diamond is styled like an upside-down pyramid.
The clean lines of the rings provide a remarkable modernity, with this style being popular amongst the risk-takers, creatives and confident trend-setters.

Carat Weight

Approximate millimetre sizes correspond to certain carat weight when it comes to Princess Cut diamonds.

For example:

  • 5mm diamond size relates to a 0.75 carat
  • 5mm diamond size relates to 1 carat
  • 7mm diamond size relates to 2 carats
  • 8mm diamond size relates to 3 carats.


A Princess Cut diamond is more affordable than Round diamonds because there’s less diamond wastage involved.

Also, you receive a larger diamond in a Princess Cut, than you would for the same size in a Round diamond cut.


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The Princess Cut Diamonds vs Other Cuts

Princess Cut diamonds vs Asscher cut diamonds

Similar to the Princess Cut, an Asscher Cut has a square or rectangular shape with trimmed corners. However, the Asscher Cut is a step cut (more linear), whereas a Princess Cut is known as a “modified brilliant cut.”

Princess Cut diamonds are more affordable than Asscher cuts.

Princess Cut diamonds vs Cushion Cut diamonds

Princess Cut diamonds appear slightly larger than Cushion Cut diamonds, and less material is wasted in their creation. However, Princess Cut diamonds are more vulnerable than Cushion Cuts, which boast curved edges.

They’re both relatively similar in price range.

Princess Cut diamonds vs Round Cut diamonds

Brilliant Round diamonds cuts are the most popular diamond shape, and arguably the most expensive. These cuts maximise brilliance and sparkle.

Princess Cut diamonds are more affordable than Round Cut diamonds.

Princess Cut diamonds vs Radiant Cut diamonds

Princess Cut diamonds refract light in a neat, methodical way, whereas Radiant Cuts appear somewhat chaotic in their ability reflect light due to the complexity in facet arrangement and higher number of facets.

The Radiant Cut is considered more durable and better for those with active lifestyles.

Both diamond cuts are quite affordable.

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