Explore the world of Emerald Cut diamonds

What is an Emerald Cut Diamond?

The Emerald Cut diamond is a sophisticated shape that is both elongated and rectangular, featuring chiselled step cuts and straight linear facets.

Cropped corners are often evident on Emerald Cut diamonds to ensure stability and prevent fractures.

A larger stone, without a larger price tag is why Emerald Cut diamonds are so popular, coupled with their appeal as vintage, Art Deco Emerald Cut diamond engagement rings.

Learn more about the alluring appeal of Emerald Cut engagement rings below.

Pros & Cons


  • Elongates fingers
  • Looks bigger than Round Cut diamonds
  • Smooth surface
  • Understated design with time on her side – a timeless beauty


  • Doesn’t sparkle as much as other diamond cuts (not necessarily a con, but a personal preference)
  • Prone to displaying imperfections
  • Unable to be disguised as a brilliant cut diamond

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The shape of the Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

Initially created for emeralds, this diamond cut branched out to encompass emerald shape diamonds. A square emerald cut diamond boasts linear, straight and long facets (typically 57), and a large table. For over 700 years, this exquisite shape has been applauded and utilised for many emerald cut diamond engagement rings.

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The best Emerald Cut Diamond settings to consider

You have your heart set on an Emerald Cut, so now you must pick the perfect setting.

Below, we’ve compiled what we believe are the best Emerald Cut ring settings.


An understated choice, a Solitaire setting for your Emerald Cut diamond ring will look perfectly refined.


Another favourite amongst Emerald Cut ring settings is the halo because the centre stone is highlighted, this setting offers protection from impact, adds brilliance and sparkle and is cost effective.

Three stone:

By choosing a three stone setting for your Emerald Cut diamond ring, you’re welcoming endless customisation, symbolism and coverage for wider fingers.

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How do you choose an Emerald Cut Diamond?

There’s so much time, effort, and dedication that is poured into making exquisite Emerald Cut diamond rings.


Remember it’s not an exact science to judge the cut quality. What’s most important is if you like and appreciate the stone’s look and performance.


The table of Emerald Cut diamonds should display an unobstructed, clear window into the centre of the stone. As such, any inclusions within the middle will be easily noticeable. As a Step Cut diamond, emerald cut diamonds are generally not as bright and fiery as their rounder diamond counterparts, however Clarity is accentuated.

Claremont Diamonds, experts in all things Emerald rings Perth, recommend a VS2 Clarity for best value.


A classic rectangular Emerald Cut diamond has a length to width ratio from 1.30 to 1.60, with a popular choice being 1.50.


Just like Clarity, Colour is more evident in Emerald Cut diamonds. This is because the larger table retains more colour than other diamond cuts, allowing the naked eye to view the natural Colour of the stone. Review your Emerald Diamond’s Colour and Setting together, before purchasing.


Emerald Cut diamonds offer plenty of versatility in style, shape and choice of setting.

For example, an Art Deco inspired design will add to the structural integrity of your Emerald Cut diamond ring, but a unique and utterly bespoke design will also easily work.

Carat Weight

Approximate millimetre sizes correspond to certain carat weight when it comes to Emerald Cut diamonds.

For example:

  • A 6mm diamond size relates to a 0.50 carat
  • A 7mm diamond size relates to 1 carat
  • An 8.5mm diamond size relates to 2 carats
  • A 10mm diamond size relates to 3 carats.


Emerald Cut diamond rings, on the whole, are cheaper than Round Cut diamond rings and most other shapes. This is due to lower demand and higher yield on cutting.


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Emerald Cut Diamonds vs Other Cuts

Emerald Cut diamonds vs Asscher cut diamonds

Emerald Cut diamonds and Asscher Cuts are almost identical. Value and quality wise, there’s often no difference. The only difference lies in the length to width ratio. Emerald Cuts are generally rectangular, whereas Asscher Cuts are square.

Emerald Cut diamonds vs Cushion Cut diamonds

Emerald Cut diamonds are understated and glassy, whereas Cushion Cuts are softer. While both classic choices, Cushion Cuts offer better brilliance and are more popular.

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