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What is Cushion Cut Diamond?

The Cushion Cut diamond, otherwise known as the Pillow Cut diamond or Old Mine Cut, is a square shaped diamond with cut corners, like a cushion or a pillow.

This style of diamond features modern, brilliant cut faceting and provide a rich history.

A classic choice that will never go out of style perfectly sums up Cushion Cut diamonds.

Learn more about Cushion Cut diamonds below.

Pros & Cons


  • Price – when compared to other diamond cuts
  • Sparkle – when compared to other diamond cuts
  • Versatility in style


  • Cushion Cut diamonds may look smaller than a Round or Princess Cut
  • You need to be able to view and evaluate its shape and scintillation first

The shape of Cushion Cut diamond rings

Though square in shape, Cushion Cut diamonds display rounded edges that soften the corners of these square or rectangular-cut diamonds.

Standard and modified Cushion Cut rings

Cushion Cut diamonds are often chosen due to their flexibility in cut patterns.

  • A standard Cushion Cut diamond ring hides inclusions well and provides the soft pillow cut diamond look that has been adored for centuries.
  • A modified Cushion Cut diamond ring entered the market in the 1920s, which took the standard Cushion Cut and placed an extra row of facets below the girdle (the widest part of the gem).

The best Cushion Cut settings to consider

  • 6-prong diamond ring settings or the double claw setting will work well to hold larger or more rectangular Cushion Cut diamonds and gemstones.
  • Bezel settings, as in those that wrap around the entire diamond or gemstone, is sometimes used, but be aware this setting can block the light and therefore diminish the brilliance of the stone.
  • Arguably the best setting for Cushion Cut diamonds is the 4-prong setting.

Why? Because this diamond ring setting will protect and securely hold your Cushion Cut diamond, without ever compromising its shine and even maximise brilliance and fire. 

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How do you choose a Diamond for your Cushion Cut Engagement or Wedding Ring?


Remember it’s not an exact science to judge the cut quality. What’s most important is if you like and appreciate the stone’s look and performance.


Imperfections visible to the eye can ruin the appearance of a Cushion Cut diamond. Yet, the impressive brilliance of the Cushion Cut enables these to be hidden well.

Stick to VS2 and S11 clarity grades if budget is important. If you’re willing to stretch, a S12 clarity grade will appear cleaner.


Do you prefer a square or rectangular shape? Square shapes should have a L/W of 1.00 to 1.05. Rectangular Cushion Cuts should have an elongated L/W of 1.15 to 1.20. Limit the depth and table percentage to under 70% for the best performance.

Carat Weight

Cushion Cut diamonds are notoriously hard to predict size based on weight or millimetre measurements. Book an appointment with a diamond expert to discuss your carat requirements.


The cushion shape of this diamond cut is attractive to many. There’s no denying the gorgeously curved edges tempts many an avid engagement and wedding rings peruser.

Did you know that the Cushion Cut diamond proudly holds the title of third most popular diamond shape and style?


If you’re choosing a Cushion Cut diamond set in a white gold engagement ring, the best colour grade is H or higher. After all, Cushion Cuts show more colour compared to Round Brilliants.


Cushion Cuts are less expensive per carat and are roughly 25% less expensive than Round Cuts. Of course, Asscher and Emerald diamond cuts are the cheaper option.


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The Cushion Cut diamond ring vs other diamond cut rings

Cushion Cut diamonds vs Asscher Cut diamonds

Cushion Cut diamonds often have more sparkle than Asscher Cut diamonds.

Why? Though not lacklustre, Asscher Cuts have a clearer sparkle, while Cushion Cut diamonds offer greater brilliance.

Craving intensity of sparkle? Go for the Cushion Cut diamond ring. Wanting a softer glow of stone? Choose an Asscher Cut diamond ring.

Cushion Cut diamonds vs Princess Cut diamonds

Less material is wasted in creating a Princess Cut, and it always appear slightly larger. Princess Cuts are known for their vulnerability due to their angular, sharp corners. This diamond cut style also tends to display more colour than other diamond shapes.

Cushion Cut diamond rings on the other hand boast impressive fire and sparkle and work well in achieving alternative timelessness.

They’re relatively similar in price range, too.

Cushion Cut diamonds vs Round Cut diamonds

Round Cut diamonds have the most brilliance (i.e. the white light return).

Cushion Cut diamonds have more fire (i.e. the effect produced when white light disperses into rainbow colours when it hits the diamond’s facets).

Lastly, on the whole, Cushion Cut diamonds are less expensive than their Round Diamond counterpart.

Cushion Cut diamonds vs Radiant Cut diamonds

Both the Cushion Cut diamond and Radiant Cut diamond look remarkably similar, from their large tables, rectangle outlines and their ability to produce high degrees of brilliance.

However, the key difference is the radiant cut is often cut at a 45° angle, thus offering a more angular and geometric shape. Cushion Cuts, as we know, have more curved corners.

The Radiant diamond cut offers higher brilliance, whereas the Cushion Cut is known for its fire. Both diamond cuts offer excellent value for money.

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