Ultimate Guide to Buying Yellow Diamonds

Diamonds are more than forever. In fact, throughout the ages, diamonds have been gifts that symbolize love and dedication.

But what about the luxuriously colored, yellow diamond? According to tradition and symbolism, yellow is a color devoted to knowledge, intellect and wisdom. 

As such, a yellow diamond ring has come to showcase both the beginning of and continuation of a happy life, lived in love with your cherished ones.

Want to learn more about yellow diamonds, including their price range and how they compare against the 4 C’s? Read more from the Perth diamond expert at Claremont Diamonds, to cultivate your yellow diamond knowledge.

What are yellow diamonds?

Yellow diamonds are proudly situated within the colored diamond family, accounting for roughly 60% of all colored diamonds both currently on the market, and existing already in beloved diamond collections across the world.

Yellow diamond buying guide

This makes them the most popular and arguably, most coveted color amongst natural colored diamonds.

In the context of yellow diamond rings, here are some of the most favorited designs:

  • A single yellow diamond set meticulously into a gentleman’s wedding ring
  • A yellow gold halo set with yellow diamond complimenting a stunning white diamond center stone, encapsulated within a white gold band
  • A natural fancy yellow brilliant-cut diamond flanked by matching pear brilliant diamonds, set in white gold with half eternity diamonds.  This design can be yours by booking a diamond consult with Paul at Claremont Diamonds. 

Read on if you want your most burning yellow diamond questions answered, including finding out their rarity, price guide, color scale and more.

Are yellow diamonds rare?

Diamonds belonging to the special family of natural color diamonds are extremely rare.

rare yellow diamonds

Did you know roughly only one out of 10,000 carats is a natural colored stone?

Let’s explore the causes behind colored diamonds:

  • Blue diamonds get their color due to boron, a mineral found in both the natural environment and food.
  • Green diamonds become so due to radiation.
  • Orange diamonds are so due to their impurities.
  • Finally, the existence of nitrogen molecules and nitrogen’s ability to absorb blue lights is the source of a yellow diamond’s color.

Yellow diamonds and other members of the natural ‘Fancy’ colored diamonds are essentially a ‘fluke of nature,’ meaning their colors are changed during their formation process.

So, a yellow diamond is anything but rare, but don’t let that dishearten you if you desire to add a yellow diamond ring or loose yellow diamond to your collection.

Claremont Diamonds have ethically sourced, GIA-certified yellow diamonds from trusted miners for your viewing pleasure and purchase. Book an appointment today.

The price range of yellow diamonds

There’s no simple answer to yellow diamonds and their price calculations. However, as a Perth diamond expert myself, I have compiled this price guide as a baseline for buyer diamond education and research purposes.

  • Fancy yellow diamonds can cost anywhere from $3,500 AUD per carat to $28,000 AUD per carat. 
  • Of course, this is dependent on a number of factors, most importantly the 4 C’s (Colour, Clarity, Cut and Carat Weight). More on these soon enough.
  • Fancy yellow diamonds due to their commonality when compared to other colors, can be more affordable than one would think.

Are yellow diamonds more expensive than white diamonds?

You’ll find good quality white diamonds, such as those on a G color scale are quite similar to the price point of a fancy yellow diamond.

In instances of rare and bigger diamond sizes, white diamond prices are alike to those of intense yellow diamonds, rather than yellow diamonds, alone.

Yellow diamond and the color scale

The standard, but of course, elegant beauty of white diamonds are categorized in a color scale which goes from D to Z. As the letters on the scale move closer toward the letter Z, the diamond will appear less colorless, moving towards a yellowish tone and then a pale yellow shade.

yellow diamonds color scale

As a diamond moves along the alphabet, reaching closer and closer to Z, this unfortunately only degrades the diamond, lowering its price range, too.

A win, some would say for the diamond bargain hunters, but not so much for those of us who value quality-looking diamonds – be they colorless or not.

So, how does this relate to yellow diamonds? Trust us – we’re getting there!

Continuing on the diamond color scale, at a particular point, you’ll discover the color doesn’t have a faded yellow appearance. Instead, and pleasantly surprised, a beautiful shade of yellow will come to light and the look, price point and value will rise again.

How the 4 C’s affect yellow diamond prices

Let’s delve into the 4 C’s, understanding their influence on yellow diamond prices.

  • Colour

“Faint” or “very light” yellow diamonds are typically much cheaper, as are brownish, yellow diamonds. 

“Fancy Intense” and “Fancy Vivid” yellow diamonds with pure yellow color, such as Canary Diamonds, or even diamonds with an orange or green overtone are the highest priced yellow loose diamonds available.

  • Clarity

For the perfect yellow diamond, it’s important to consult with a Perth diamond expert to ensure the diamond is eye clean, and no inclusions interfere with light reflection.

  • Cut

Radiant cuts and cushion cuts are a fantastic and popular choices for yellow diamonds. This is due to the facets and shape of both cuts giving the highest level of color vibrancy, brilliance and superior sparkle.

  • Carat Weight

Yellow diamonds that boast a high carat weight are rarer than smaller diamonds, which of course commands their higher relative price point.

Do the natural golden, bright tones of yellow diamonds catch your eye?

Highlight both the beginning of and continuation of a happy life, lived in love with your cherished one, with a yellow diamond. 

a guide to yellow diamonds

You can find yellow diamonds of the highest quality, as loose diamonds or in diamond engagement rings and wedding bands, in the Claremont Diamonds showroom.

On the quest for a beautiful yellow diamond ring?

You’ve struck yellow diamond gold, right here in Perth.

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