7 Unique Wedding Destinations in Australia

Wedding planning can bring so much joy and excitement to brides and grooms to be.

With all that happened in 2020, it’s definitely inspiring to have something to look forward to.

And with travel restrictions relaxed within Australia (for now, and hopefully forever), what better way to inspire your wedding plans than by browsing unique wedding destinations in Australia?

Here at Claremont Diamonds, we adore love, engagements and weddings.

Interested in a destination wedding? Discover 7 unique wedding destinations in Australia, compiled by your local jeweller at Claremont Diamonds

1. Margaret River’s Secret Garden

Margaret River’s Secret Garden
Image Source: margaretriverssecretgarden.com.au

Nestled within the South-West of Australia’s wine region is this perfect little gem, and perhaps Margaret River’s best kept secret wedding destination: Margaret River’s Secret Garden.

Immaculately landscaped, abundant gardens make this spot a unique wedding destination in Australia: It’s where European style meets the true Australian bush, where harmony and elegance go hand in hand and romance and memories are had and made. 

The features you’ll love:

  •  Whimsical wisteria walkways,
  •  Flourishing, flowering gardens,
  •  Vast, sweeping lawns,
  •  Serene waterfalls and ponds,
  •  The option of preparing for the big day at the luxurious Iris Garden Guesthouse, and
  •  A selection of wedding packages you can choose from, too.

Another unique quality of this Australian wedding destination is the flexibility of choice when it comes to seasons. For 3 out of 4 seasons, you can host and enjoy your wedding here. That’s 9 out of 12 months in the year!

For example:

  •  A spring wedding will boast flowering roses, crab apples, iris and clematis.
  •  A summer wedding will set the scene for hydrangeas, roses, clematis and iris.
  •  An autumn wedding will turn golden with hydrangeas, tuberoses, clematis and roses.

Whether you’re lucky to already call Western Australia home, or you desire a unique destination wedding in Australia, Margaret River’s Secret Garden easily ticks all boxes.

2. Thorngrove Manor

Thorngrove Manor
Image Source: thorngrove.com.au

Did one of your many childhood dreams involve marrying a prince or princess in a castle?

The one you love and want to build a life with, probably isn’t a descendant of royalty, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get married in a castle!

Welcome to Thorngrove Manor, a luxury hotel in Stirling, South Australia that boasts a façade and experience that is lavish, magical and idyllic. Certainly, this is a unique wedding destination in Australia.

The features you’ll love:

  • A customised build and location to resemble a baroque castle of the 17th and 18th centuries,
  • Old-world, antique décor with real 18th century silverware, and
  • Luxurious private chambers and guest quarters.
  • Thorngrove Manor is an ideal and unique wedding destination in Australia, for those wanting a castle backdrop for their wedding but are unable to go to Europe to do so.

This gorgeous, custom-made South Australian manor has the capacity to host small, intimate wedding congregations for ceremonies, and also a select number of guests can stay in the manor itself.

All in all, Thorngrove Manor is simply breathtaking for its setting and is a backdrop to wedding photos.

Enjoy the style of times gone by? Book an appointment with Claremont Diamonds today and talk to a local jeweller about which engagement ring and/or wedding ring will prove as timeless as your love.

3. Paronella Park

Paronella Park
Image Source: paronellapark.com.au

In 1935, Paronella Park beside Mena Creek Falls in Queensland was first opened to the public.

Over the course of the 20th century and into the 21st, many lovers have eloped and celebrated their nuptials within Paronella Park

The features you’ll love:

  • A castle for unique wedding photos,
  • Grounds for a relaxed, low-key outdoor eating area,
  • Bridges and a tunnel,
  • The serenity of natural falls, and
  • A lush rainforest backdrop.

In fact, so many people desire to say their vows at Paronella Park, that only one wedding per day is permitted!

4. The Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney

The Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney
Image Source: www.botanicgardens.org.au

You can’t talk about wedding destinations in Australia without touching on The Royal Botanic Garden in Sydney. Why? Because it’s so gorgeous, centrally located and not to mention, it’s heritage listed.

The features you’ll love:

  • As the grounds are so large, you have twelve (yes, twelve), equally stunning ceremony settings to choose from.
  • Take your pick from 5 simply beautiful and perfectly functional reception areas.
  • Harbour views and romantic garden wedding photography opportunities.
  • The capacity to accommodate the more intimate of wedding parties to larger wedding guest numbers and needs.

Perfectly lovely, ever so romantic, there’s so many reasons why couples choose The Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney for their perfect wedding destination in Australia.

5. Sandalford Winery

Sandalford Winery
Image Source: sandalford.com

Another Western Australian contender for the best, unique wedding destination in Australia is Sandalford Winery. Yet rather than nestled in the South-West, we’re entering another wine region, the sublime Swan Valley.

The features you’ll love: 

  • Landscaped, manicured gardens,
  • Picturesque, private courtyards,
  • The easy capacity to accommodate number of guests between 50 to 350, and
  • All-inclusive wedding and drinks and food packages to choose from.

Say I do, in front of those who matter, too, with a background of expansive vineyards, and unmatched culinary delights, drinks and overall service.

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6. Hamilton Island

Hamilton Island
Image Source: hamiltonislandweddings.com

Nothing says a destination wedding than taking a hop, skip and jump off to the Whitsunday Islands in Queensland. 

Here you’ll find extraordinary natural landscapes, fringed by coral reefs and many a lover enjoying their wedding, here.

The features you’ll love:

  • Over 10 gorgeous wedding ceremony locations to choose from,
  • 15 reception venues to dance the night (or day) away in, and
  • Wedding packages to suit any style or budget requirements.

Hamilton Island destination weddings display time and time again, why they’re a crowd favourite among brides, grooms, and their respective guests.

7. Adelaide Botanic Garden

Adelaide Botanic Garden
Image Source: botanicgardenweddings.com.au

The Adelaide Botanic Garden cements itself within our top 7 unique wedding destinations in Australia and we’re here to tell you why.

For over 150 years, this location has dazzled the public with its lush grounds and spectacular display of groomed gardens and amazing architecture.

The features you’ll love:

  • Natural beauty and elegant surrounds,
  • Centrally located (roughly 2km from the CBD),
  • 9 available sites to host and enjoy your wedding at,
  • Breathtaking backdrops for wedding photography, and
  • A number of packages to choose from.

Want a breathtaking setting without the breathtaking price tag? Adelaide Botanic Garden is your answer.

5 Tips for Planning Your Dreamy Destination Wedding

  1. Choose your destination carefully

This is obviously a no-brainer. However, you must choose carefully, factor in your budget, and consider your guest’s availability and means to travel to your Australian destination wedding.

  1. Try and visit the location yourself

Ideally you have already visited or plan to visit the wedding destination before the big day. 

Remember the feel of a wedding venue is just as, if not more important, than the photos you find online.

  1. Scope out the place

The location? Great! However, there’s more to it.

Find out the size of the place, space for dancing, standing and seated areas.  Identify if your location is accessible (i.e., wheelchair) and parking situations.

Also, will there be privacy for you and your guests from the general public?

  1. Research and choose the right vendors for you

Photographers, caterers, cake makers, florists, your local jeweller – choose wisely! Will they travel with your or should you choose someone local to your destination wedding?

  1. Send out your save the dates ASAP

Having a destination wedding in Australia calls means sending out wedding invitations well in advance.

At Claremont Diamonds, we’re here to help your engagement and wedding be all the more memorable. 

Dreaming of a destination wedding in Australia? 

Contact Claremont Diamonds for beautiful diamond jewellery to encapsulate your adoration and make your wedding all that sweeter.